I meditated on my dinner tonight!

Vintage Dinner Table_Ultra HD

TLDR – I had my dinner.

Meditate – Focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

Tonight i decided to slow down life and say hello to myself.

So i thought  I’d have a slow dinner. Really slow. Phone switched off- no music- no tv- just me and the voices in my head. Headed to the kitchen.

And strangely I noticed that the water running down the faucet has a rhythm to it. Made me smile. Very slowly I washed the dishes and served me dinner. Everything had a pleasant calm to it.

Sat down at the table.  The dinner was modest. But suddenly it all looked beautiful. I noticed the colours of the serving. I could smell the cut mangoes. I could see the clarity of the water in the glass bottle. The light bouncing off the small glass bottle. 

‘Nothing is new’ I thought

‘I had just been too busy to take note of any of it.’

But tonight was different. I realised i was meditating – On my dinner!

Every bite was an explosion of flavours. Mild, strong, soothing , dramatic and more. I heard what the food chewed like! I heard me drinking. I noticed my breath. I felt the energy and emotion of this otherwise simple action of consuming food. How beautiful and fulfilling can the small things in life be!

In these times of our fast lives and -spend time productive- lifestyle I had just taken time and so much time. To slow down and breathe. 


Wake up early morning
Drive to a cliff. Watch the sun rise.
See the sun in all its might and glory.
Reflect on it.
Realise the triviality of your presence in this universe, quite intimidatingly so. Also reflect on the might of your soul and your spirit. Just like the sun.Trivial and pointless in the vastness of this boundless unending universe yet so mighty and great in this galaxy.
Be the sun.